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The Journal - Volume 8, Number - 2 : 2013 Supplement on Medicinal Plants

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

   1. Polyphenols and flavonoids of 12 Indian medicinal plants   
       Sumitra Chandra, Dilip Bhayani and Dishant Desai
595 - 601
   2. HPTLC finger prints analysis of phytophenols of Paederia foetida under different extraction regimen
       M. R. Senapati, P. C. Behera. P. C. Bisoi, A. Maity and S. C. Parija
603 - 609
   3. Exploration of betel leaf waste for its antibacterial activity
       Pompee Chanda, Shubanjan Mitra and Sukant K. Sen
611 - 615
   4. Total phenolic, condensed tannins, ascorbic acid contents and free radical scavenging activity
in some of the underutilized horticultural crops from north-western Indian Himalayas R. S. Pal, R. Arun Kumar, C. Chandrashekara, N. K. Hedau, P. K. Agrawal and J. C. Bhatt
617 - 621
   5. Amelioration of genotoxicity by papaya extract induced by arsenic contaminated drinking water
       Neha Singh and Dharmshila Kumari
623 - 626
   6. Effect of fungal and bacterial bioagents against Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler in vitro conditionI.
R. B. Rajput, K. U. Solanky, V. P. Prajapati, D. M. Pawar and S. R. Suradkar
627 - 629
   7. Development and evaluation of protein enriched guava nectar blended with soymilk
       G. R. Karanjalker, D. B. Singh and V. B. Rajwade
631 - 634
   8. Antipathogenic efficacy of methanolic leaf extract of Cinnamomum tamala and Aegle marmelos
with their nutritional potentiality Sukumar Dandapat, Manoj Kumar, Amit Kumar and M. P. Sinha
635 - 641
   9. Pathogenic behaviour of Alternaria alternata and phytotoxicity of its culture filtrates on
Lepidium sativum: A medicinal herb of immense pharmacological potential Pushpanjali Wagh, Sandeep Sinha, Harvinder Kumar Singh and U. K. Khare
643 - 647
 10. Hepatoprotrective activity of anogeissus Latifolia leaf and bark extracts against carbon 
tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats K. M. M. Parvathi, C. K. Ramesh, V. Krishna, K. Shankarmurthy, I. J. Kuppast and N. M. Shakuntala
649 - 653
 11. Phytochemical analysis of three endangered plants (Costus specious, Gloriossa superba Linn and 
Rauvolfia serpentine (Linn) Benth) from Kanker district of Chhattisgarh, India Rakesh Dadsena, Nitish Kumar Sahu. Shirish Agrawal and Anil Kumar
655 - 659
 12. Phytochemical analysis and evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activities of
Vitex negundo and Ophiorrhiza mungos A. Jayadev, S. Sari and G. M. Nair
661 - 664


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