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The Journal - Volume 8, Number - 2: 2013 Supplement on Medicinal Plants

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 13. Effects of leaf extracts of Moringa oleifera on regulation of hypothyroidism and lipid profile
       Wazida Tabassum, Aruna Roshni Kullu and M. P. Sinha
665 - 669
 14. Antifungal efficacy of aquaous extracts of Neem cake, Karanj cake and vermicompost against 
some phytopathogenic fungi Anjali Kumari, Ritesh Kumar, Sudarshan Maurya, Jaipal Singh Choudhary and S. Kumar
671 - 674
 15. Bioefficacy of botanicals against alternaria leaf blight of mustard under field condition
      Sunita Mahapatra and Srikant Das
675 - 679
 16. Mode of action of Lantana camara extracts on enzymes aspartate amino transferase and 
alanine amino transferase activity in target and non-target organisms
Divya S. Rajan
681 - 683
 17.The anti-fugal properties of aqueous extracts from Psorolea corylifolia Linn. seeds in 
controlling grain smut and seed quality enhancement of sorghum Rakesh C. Mathad, N. M. Shakuntala, S. N. Vasudevan, M.Nagaraj Naik and S. B. Patil
685 - 687
 18. Antioxidant activity and pharmocological screening of Tinospora cordifolia
       Amit Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Sukumar Dandapat and M. P. Sinha 
689 - 693
 19. Antimicrobial activity of Sphagneticola trilobata (L.) Pruski, against some human pathogenic 
       bacteria and fungi
Kumudini Indira Toppo, Shubha Gupta, Deepak Karkun, Shirish Agrawal and Anil Kumar
695 - 700
 20. Alterations in the microbial load at certain non-specific immune sites of Macrobrachium rosenbergii 
supplemented with Centella asiatica M. P. Salini, A. Akhila Thomas and Jasmine Anand
701 - 704
 21. Evaluation of different synthetic botanicals insecticide against aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover infesting 
       isabgol crop
       S. J. Patil and B. R. Patel
705 - 707
709 - 712
 23. Biochemical estimation of primary metabolites and mineral compostion of Clitoria ternatea Linn roots
Manalisha Deka, A. K. Medhi and J. C. Kalita
713 - 716
 24. Studies on antibacterial effects of bark, seed and callus extracts of Holarrhena antidysenterica Wall.
Suchitra Mahato, Anita Mehta and Soma Roy
717 - 721


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