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The Journal - Volume 8, Number - 3: 2013 Supplement on Toxicology

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

   1. Nanotoxicity at various trophic levels: A review   
       S. K. Rajkishore, K. S. Subramanian, N. Natarajan and K. Gunasekaran
975 - 982
   2. Evaluation of subacute sodium fluoride toxicity on spermatozoa and testicular tissue of male wistar rats
D. K. Giri, R. C. Ghosh, D. K. Kashyap and Govina Dewangan
983 - 987
   3. Histopathological changes in the ovary of freshwater fish Puntius ticto (Ham) under dimethoate toxicity
       Ganeshwade Raju Marutirao
989 - 992
   4. Effect of polymeric nanoparticle “pnipam” (poly-n- isopropyl acryamide) on the microbial infestations
of tasar silkworm Rohit Kumar Verma, Md. Imtiyaz Aslam, Richa Roy and S. P. Roy
993 - 996
   5. Study of tetracycline induced alteration in ascorbic acid contents in freshwater bivalves, Lamellidens 
corrianus (Lea) and Parreysia cylindrica (Annandale and Prashad) H. P. Nandurkar
997 - 1000
   6. Comparative study of cholesterol alterations in a freshwater teleost fish, Amblypharyngodon mola 
exposure to heavy metals D. Shelke Abhay
1001 - 1003
   7. Heavy metal induced changes of rat serum nitrite and nitrate levels
       C. Ashoka Kumar, K. M. Uday Kumar, K. Vijaya Kumari and M. Rajeswara Rao
1005 - 1006
   8. Comparative toxicity of some commonly used insecticides to cotton aphid and their safety to 
predatory coccinellids Nikita S. Awasthi, U. P. Barkhade, S. R. Patil, G. K. Lande
1007 - 1010
   9. Effects of potassium bromate on the kidney and haematological parameters of swiss albino mice
       Maria Stuti and Doris D’souza
1011 - 1014
10.  Efficacy of Imazethapyr and Quizalofop-ethyl herbicides on growth and yield of chickpea
       V. V. Goud, N. B. Murade, M. S. Khakre and A. N. Patil
1015 - 1018
11.  Influence of herbicides on morpho-physiological growth parameters in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)
B. B. Channappagoudar, V. Babu, Y. B. Naganagoudar and Santosha Rathod
1019 - 1023
12.  Analysis of heavy metals in water and fish Cirrhina mrigala of river Godavari,at Nathsagar Dam 
in Maharashtra, India M. J. Shaikh
1025 - 1027


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