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The Journal - Volume 10, Number - 3: 2015 Supplement on Agronomy

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

   1. Effect of different planting density, irrigation and fertigation levels on growth and
yield of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)
S. R. Ughade and U. V. Mahadkar
1205 - 1211
   2. Effect of sweet flag rhizome, Acorus calamus L. formulations against
Sitophilus oryzae in shorghum
H. C. Latha and A. Naganagoud
1213 - 1218
   3. Impact of nutrient management of Zizyphus mauritiana (Lamb.) on the yield of Kusmi lac
       B. K. Namdev, M. Thomas, A. Kurmi, A. S. Thakur and A. Upadhyaya
1219 - 1222
   4. Effect of different plant geometry and nitrogen levels, in relation to growth characters,
yield and economics on sweet corn (Zea mays sachharata L.) at Bastar plateau zone
Ashwani Kumar Thakur, Dushyant Singh Thakur, Rakesh Kumar Patel,
Adikant Pradhan and Prafull Kumar
1223 - 1226
   5. Effect of microbial inoculants and inorganic fertilizers on growth and yield of
hybrid cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. Capitata)
Vijay Kumar Singh, Sangeeta Shree, Ravi Kumar, Paramveer Singh and
Ravi Gopal Singh
1227 - 1231
   6. Effect of mulch on soil moisture, temperature, weed infestation and Rangeeni lac
yield of Palas (Butea monosperma) in Jharkhand R. K. Singh and S. Ghosal
1233 - 1236
   7. Assessment of long-term organic amendements effect on some sensitive indicators
of carbon under subtropical climatic condition Rajeev Padbhushan, Rajiv Rakshit, Anupam Das and Rajendra Prasad Sharma
1237 - 1240
   8. Effect of different nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels on sesame
(Sesamum indicum) in Bastar plateau of Chhattisgarh Ashwani Kumar Thakur, Adikant Pradhan, Rakesh Kumar Patel,
Adkikant and Prafull Kumar
1241 - 1243
   9. Effect of balanced nutrition on yield and nutrient uptake of pea
(Pisum stivum L.) under indo-gangetic plains of India D. K. Singh, A. K. Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh,
Mandhata Singh and
O. P. Srivastava
1245 - 1249
 10. Standard heterosis for grain yield and other agronomic characters in maize 
(Zea mays L.) under normal and moisture stress conditions V. Ulaganathan, R. Vinoth, K. Baghyalakshmi, Suvarna Rani Chimili and A. Gurusamy
1251 - 1253




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