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The Journal - Volume 11, Number - 1: 2016 Supplement on Agronomy

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  31. Growth and yield of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) as influenced by
different growth regulators
A. Chandini Raj, K. Holebasappa, J. K. Hore and
N. Chattopadyay
385 - 388
  32. Infleunce of seed priming treatments on germination and seedling
vigour of custard apple (Annona squamosa L.) cv. Local
R. K. Parmar, M. J. Patel, R. M. Thakkar and T. Tsomu
389 - 393
  33. Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar performance and stability
among various tillage methods in western Uttar Pradesh condition
Pradeep Kumar, R. K. Naresh, Ashish Dwivedi, Robin Kumar,
Sikha Gangwar, Vinod Kumar and Anuj Kumar
395 - 399
  34. Effect of different fertility levels and nutrient uptake by drought
tolerant rice genotypes under rainfed condition
Tribhuvan Patel, Tripti Nayak and V. N. Mishra
401 - 406
  35. Yield performance of chickpea cultivars as influenced by sowing
time and seed rate
Indu Bala Sethi, Meena Sewhag, Parveen Kumar and
Mahesh Jajoria
407 - 409
  36. Effect of bio and chemical fertilizers on soil, properties, yield
attributes and yield of baby corn (Zea mays L.)
Dharmendra Mishra and Eugenia P. Lal
411 - 415
  37. Response of different concentractions of urea, KNO3 and
micronutrient mixture on quality of sapota [Manilkara Achras (Mill.)
Fosberg] cv. Kalipatti
K. M. Sharma, V. Singh, J. J. Amarcholi and S. Mohan
417 - 419
  38. Relative efficacy of different insecticides against leaf feeders on
soybean crop (Glycine max L. Merrill)
Rambihari Ahirwar, Serven Verma, Tarun Sahu and
Dr. Rajeev Gupta
421 -425
  39. Effect of cutting and nitrogen management on plant maturity and
seed set in oat cv. JHO-851 (Avena sativa L.)
M. S. Puneeth Raj and B. S. Vyakaranahal
427 - 429
  40. Yield attributes, yield and quality of black greengram (Vigna radiata
L.) as influenced by organic manures, biofertilizer and phosphorus
S. N. Chaudhari, J. D. Thanki, V. D. Chaudhari and
Chanchal Verma
431 -433




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