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The Journal - Volume 1, Number 1- 4: 2006

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

    1. Cyanotoxins
        Sachitra, Kumar Ratha and Siba Prasad Ahikary
001 - 008
    2. The role of ants esophagus in the trophallaxis (formicidace)
        Flavio Henrique Caetano, Maria Eliza Miyoko Tomotake, Maria Izabel Camargo Mathias
009 - 012
    3. Partial purification of the enzyme involved in bioconversion of arteannuin B to adtemisinin
        from artemisinin from a Streptomuces sp.
        Parcha Sreenivas Rao, P. Lakhmi Sreenivas, Y. Pramila Devi, & M. Lakshmi Narasu.
013 - 017
    4. Microbial transformation of Gallotannins to Gallic acid, an intermediate product of 
       Trimethorim a broad spectrum antibiotic
        N.Lokeshwari, K. Jaya Raju, M. Narasimha Rao and C. Ayyanna
019 - 025
    5. Comparison of toxicokinetics base bioaccumulation of copper and cadimium by earthworm
        Lampito mauritii (kinberg) under controlled laboratory condition.
        P.N. Sudha and D. Manley Backyavathy
027 - 030
    6. Epidemiological studies of occupational workers in tannery industry.
        Yalavarthy  Prameela Devi and Damayanti
031 - 036
    7. Analysis of chromium bioaccumulation in blood, urine and nail samples of chromate
        factory workers
        M. Job Gopinath and D. Manley Backyavathy
037 - 040
    8. Simple paper and micro thin layer chromatographic enzymatic methods for separation
        and detection of zinc  sulphate in fresh water.
        Damyanti, P. Balashori and Yalavarthy Prameela Devi
041 - 045
    9. Biological control of phytopathogens using antagonist  Trichoderma viride
        D.S.R. Rajendra Singh, Shail Sayeed, K. Brunda Deviand and B. Bhadraiah
047 - 049
  10. Endemic medicinal plants from central part of eastern ghat of india
       N. Savithramma & A. Sudarsanamma
051 - 054
  11. Metal concentration in water and soil samples near a dyeing industrial unit, Nagri, AP. India.
       P.C. Nagajyothi, D. Dinakar, Suresh and T. Dhamodaram
055 - 058
  12. Water quality of drug wells of Mayyanad Panchayat in Kerla
       Reshma S. and V.R. Prakasham
059 - 061
 13. Oxalias corniculata (whole plant) extracts exhibit estrogenic activities in wistar strain albino rats.
        Sharangouda and Saraswati B. Patil
063 - 070


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