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The Journal - Volume 2, Number 1: 2007

Contents of Reserch Paper

Page No.

   1. 3D strcutural modelling for procatechuate 3,4 dioxygenase from Pseudomonas cepacia based
      on template of M chain from P.aeruginosa full paper
      D. Jayasree, J.Venkateshwara Rao, D.Venkata Krishna Rao, K.K. Kumar,
      P.B.K.Kishore, H.A. Nagarajam, Y.Prameela Devi and M. Lakshmi Narasu
001 - 007
   2. Removal of helminth parasitics eggs from waste stabilization ponds at Shimoga full paper
      M. Shanthala, B.B. Hosetti and Rebecca Stott
009 - 014
   3. Genotoxic effect of carbaryl on indian cricket frog Limnonectes limnocharis of 
       Western Ghats full paper
       G. R. Krishnappa and M. Venkateshwarlu
015 - 020
   4. Qualitative detection of lead in fortfied water sample by a paper 
       chromatographic enzyme inhibiation technique. full paper
       G. Seethamma & N.V. Nanda Kumar
021 - 024
   5. Isolation and characterization of a moderately halophilic protease producing Pseudomonas sp.
       from brine samples of a coastal area solar saltern. full paper
       P.Lakshmi Sreenivas, Parcha Sreenivasa Rao, Y.Prameela Devi and M. Lakshmi Narasu
025 - 029
   6. Prevalence of fluorosis among school children and cattle population of 
       Hirakund town in Orissa. full paper
       P.C. Mishra and Khageswar Pradhan

031 - 036

   7. Utilization of cashew leaf litter and sugar mill waste pressmud for the culture of a compost
      earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae (Kinberg) full paper
      R. P. Raja and R. Ramalingam
037 - 040
   8. Quantification of predation and incidence of parasitic infestation in melghat tiger
       reserve with special reference to leopard (Panthera pardus) full paper
       M. V. Shirbhate
041 - 046
   9. Cadmium chloride induced dose and duration dependent biomass variation 
       in Nostoc punctiforme culure. full paper
       Neeta Rani, Bharati Raipat and Latika Sharan
047 - 049
  10. Regulation of serum cortisol by somatostatin: evidence of neuroendorine 
       control of adrenal gland in amphibia. full paper
       Shamsun Nehar
051 - 053
  11. A Sensitive spectrophotometric detemination of centbucridine hydrochloride in bulk drug & 
       pharmaceutical formulation. full paper
       V. V. Pande, S. A. Polshettiwar, J. G. Chanorar, V. V. Chopade, A. R. Tekade, and N. M. Gowekar
055 - 056
  12. Ecological audit and phytosociological analysis of tropical forest, Jorapul, 
       Kalamati, Jharkhand full paper
       B. Bodra, A. K. Nag and A. K. Choudhary
057 - 060
  13. A new finding on the occurrence of golden geco (Calodactylodes aureus) 
       in the rock boulder near vellore town. full paper
       M. Rajasekhar and  N. V. Nanda Kumar
061 - 062
  14. In-vitro regeneration and callus formation from different parts of seedling of Mucuna pruriens
       Bak- a valuable medicinal plant. full paper
      Shalini Patel, Anita Mehta and R. K. Pandey
063 - 066
  15. Bioaccumulation of arsenic in the freshwate fish labeo rohita (Ham.) full paper
      K. Pazhanisamy, M. Vasanthy and N. Indra
067 - 070


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