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The Journal - Volume 5, Number - 4: 2010

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

   1. Toxicology assessment of cyanobaterial toxis (Review Paper). full paper
       Jaswant Singh and Rajneesh K. Pathak
523 - 530
   2. Effect of harmful algal blooms in Far Eastern Sea of Russia and necessity of 
       development of countermeasures. full paper
       O.G. Shevchenko and T. Yu. Orlova
531 - 536
   3. Comparative phytotoxicity of some Benzoxazinoids on the early growth of 
       selected weeds. full paper
       Mukta Chum, Daizy R.Batish, H.P.Singh and R.K. Kohali
537 - 540
   4. Electrophoretic haemolymph protein pattern in a few bivoltine races of the
       silkworm, Bombyx mori. full paper
       Shiva Kumar Bakkappa and G.Subramanya
541 - 544
   5. Ultravoilet-B light induced changes in energy transfere of photosystem II in the intact
       cell of Spirulina platensis. full paper
       B.Praveen Kumar, S.Arif Mohammad, D.Guna Sekhar and S.D.S.Murthy
545 - 547
   6. Observations on the embryonic development of freshwater Pulmonate snail Lymnea
       (Landmark, 1822) (Gastropoda:Mollusca). full paper
       G.S. Pande, M.U. Patil and U.D. Sherkhane
549 - 554
   7. Population dynamic of metazoan parasites of marine threadfin fish Polydactylus sextarius
       (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) from Visakhapattnam coast, Bay Bengal. full paper
       Mani Gudivada and Anu Prasanna Vankara
555 - 561
   8. Evalution of biofilm forming ability of the multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. full paper
       S.Nagaveni, H.Rajeshwari, Ajay Kumar Oli, S.A. Patil and R.Kelmani Chandrakanth
563 - 566
   9. Dose responce relationship for Cisplatin induced micronuclei in bone marrow
       erythrocytes of swiss albino mice. full paper
       K. Rudrama Devi, A.Koushik and K. Venkand Reddy
567 - 569
 10. Evalution of phytochemical in certain Indian spices for quoram sensing inactivation in
      plant pathogenic bacteria. full paper
      Y. Aparna, K. Sailendra and J. Sarda
571 - 572
 11. Gound and darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Tenebrionidae) from Kargil, J & K. full paper
      Mohd. Firoz and J.S. Tara
573 - 577


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