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The Journal - Volume 6, Number - 3: 2011

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

   1. Photoperiod induced instar-specific clock-shifting in the circadian protein and animo acid
       rhythms in the larval haemolymph of the silkworm, Bombyx mori. full paper
       B. Sailaja, E. Bhuvaneswari, S. Kavitha and S. Sivaprasad
355 - 363
   2. Role of antibacterial protein in different silkworm strains against Flacherie. full paper
       M.K. Suparna, G. Mallikarjun, S.S. Ingalhalli, V. Shyam Kumar and A.A. Hooli
365 - 369
   3. UV-B Stress induced alteration in the photosynthetic apparatus of the Cyanobacteria 
      Synechoccoccus  6301. full paper
       K.Giridhar Kumar, K.Suneetha and S.D.S.Murthy
371 - 374
   4. Assessment of vam spore density and root infection from alluvial soil of eastern part of 
       Raniganj  coalfield areas. full paper
       Sanjoy Kumar, S.Chaudhari and S.K.Maiti
375 - 381
   5. A study on the polymorphic fourth chromosome of Chironomus striatipennis(Kieffer). full paper
       P.Sarkar, S.Bhaduri, C.Ghosh and T.Midya
383 - 387
   6. Male meiosis in structurally heterozygous and homozygous treron, Phoenicoptera phoenicopter
       (Latham)(Columbiformes:Aves) from Jharkhand. full paper
       N. Gupta and D. Kaul
389 - 394
   7. Analysis of spermatids micronuclei under the influence of Acrylamide. full paper
       U.Lakshminarasaiah, M. Venkataswamy, B.Suman, M.Meena Bai, C. Pallavi, G.Sailaja and K.Thyagaraju
395 - 398
   8. Anatomy and histology of the alimentary canal of adult Papilio polytes polytes L.(lepidoptera:
       Papilionidae). full paper
       S.M.Gaikwad, S.R.Aland, A.B.Mamlayya and G.P.Bhawane
399 - 402
   9. Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX) of scale of Schistura montanus
       (Mcclelland,1838). full paper 
       R.K.Negi and Sheetal Mamgain
403 - 404
  10. Anomalies in Cirrhinus mrigala, a commercially important freshwater food fish, from 
       Gurdaspur district of Punjab. full paper
       S.P.S.Dutta, D.Slathia, G.Chander and H.Kumar
405 - 411
  11. New record of freshwater erithistid catfish Conta conta(Hamilton,1822)(Teleostei: Erethistidae)
       from Arunachal Pradesh (biodiversity hotspot), India. full paper
        Kento Kadu and Debangshu Narayan Das
413 - 416
  12. Food and feeding habits of two freshwater fishes, Ompok bimaculatus and O.Malabaricus 
       of river, Amaravathy, Tamil Nadu. full paper
       T.Arthi, S.Nagarajan and A.A. Sivakumar
417 - 420


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