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The Journal - Volume 6, Number - 3: 2011

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  25. Life cycle of Holotrichia karschi Brenske(Coleoptera:Scarabaeidae:Melolonthinae). full paper
       G.P.Bhawane, S.M.Gaikwad, A.B. Mamlayya and S.R. Aland
471 - 474
  26. Some aspects of the identification of nutritionally efficient silkworms (Insecta:Lepidoptera:
       Bombycoidea) their metabolic rate and sustainable development as energy resources. full paper
       Nitu Kumari and S.P. Roy
475 - 481
  27. Studies on diagonistic and therapeutic approach for urinary tract infection. full paper
       S.R. Kulkarni, R.R. Pachori and N.S. Kulkarni
483 - 485
  28. Oxidative stress products in type 2 diabetes and their relation to paraoxonase1 activity. full paper
        Abdulqawi Ali, Qahtan Ahmed and N.H. Manjunath
487 - 491
  29. Hypoglycemic effect of Tinospora cordifolia in albino rats. full paper
        V. Aglawe, S.Kinkar and A.Ektare
493 - 495
  30. Life history of Attacus atlas Linn. (Saturniidae:Lepidoptera) on Sapium insegne Benth. from
        Western Ghats, Maharashtra. full paper
        G.P. Bhawane, A.B. Mamlayya, Y.J. Koli, Y.A. Phonde, S.R. Aland and S.M.Gaikwad
497- 500
  31. A report on the occurrence of some endoparasitic helminths in selected fish species of Tenali, 
       Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. full paper
       M.Aruna, Anu Prasanna Vankara and Mani Gudivada
501 - 504
  32. A study on ancylostomiasis prevalent among 3 rural settings in Eluru(West Godavari 
       district, A.P). full paper
        R. Indira and V.Viveka Vardhani
505 - 510
  33. UV-B radiation induced alterations in photosynthetic electron transport activities of the
        thylakoid membranes of barley primary leaves. full paper
        S.D.Sudheer, M. Ayya Raju and S.D.S. Murthy
511 - 513
  34. Development and evaluation of in-situ gelling otic formulations of Metronidazole
       using Poloxamer. full paper
        D.L. Mali, K.R. Kattekar, M.J. Deshpande and S.V. Shirolkar
515 - 520
  35. Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from 
       burn wounds. full paper
        D.B. Mane, P.R. Thorat and G.R. Pathade
521 - 524
  36. Litter production and nutrient dynamics of Casuarina equisetifolia in farm forest plantation of 
       Southern India. full paper
       M.Uma, T.S. Saravanan and K.Rajendran
525 - 528


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