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The Journal - Volume 7, Number - 3 : 2012

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  21. Arsenic resistant bacteria isolated from contaminated soil and selection of arsenic
reducing strains
Full Paper Aparajita Majumder
469 - 472
  22. Haematological changes in pregnant rats and their descendants due to teratogenic 
       dose of Cadmium chloride Full Paper
        Venkatramana Reddy Arva Tatireddigari, Kalpana Panati and Venkata R. Narala
473 - 475
  23. Phenyl alanine ammonia lyase (PAL) activity and artemisinin contents of Artemisia
       annua L., during callus growth Full Paper
       S. Jhansi Rani, A. Vasavi, P. Supraja and R. Usha
477 - 479
  24. Effect of N- fixing biofertilizers on growth, yield and quality of chilli (Capsicum 
       annuum L.) Full Paper
       S. Khan and A. Pariari
481 - 482
  25. Visitation rate, effectiveness and efficiency of pollinators to Cadaba fruiticosa (Linn) 
        Druce Full Paper
483 - 485
  26.  Changes in ATPase and Phosphatases in different tissues of crab, Oziotelphusa  senex
senex, following exposure to fenvalerate
Full Paper Kalpana Panati, Venkata R.Narala and V. R. A. Tatireddigari
487 - 489
  27. Ultrastructural studies of hemocytes in scorpion, Heterometrus xanthopus Full Paper
        A. E. Patil and U. H. Shah
491 - 493
  28. Isolation and evaluation of effect of carbon and nitrogen on cellulose degrading 
       microbes Full Paper
       A.V. Gomashe, S. A. Wankhade and M. J. Madhugiri
495 - 498
  29. Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the lymphoid series of the hemopoetic system of
guinea pig (Cavus porcellus)
Full Paper Archana Prasad, Soma Roy and Vandana Kumari
499 -501
  30. Adsorption studies of some dyes and metal complexes on garlic husk- a cheap
natural adsorbent
Full Paper K. S. Geetha and S. L. Belagali
503 - 506


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