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The Journal - Volume 7, Number - 4 : 2012

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

   1. Molecular marker techniques and their utility in tree breeding
       M. G. Mallikarjuna, P. Dhananjaya, Sangh Chandramohan and F. Jabeen  
557 - 562
   2. In vitro regeneration of plantlets from nodal explants of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn. 
and evaluation of genetic fidelity through RAPD analysis
R. C. Sahu, A. Sahu S. Padhi, L. Pattanaik, R. R. Mishra and J. Panigrahi
563 - 569
   3. Comparative electrophoretic studies of lens protein isolated from Puntius ticto 
(Hamilton 1822) and
Rasbora daniconus (Hamilton 1822) E. R. Martin and S. D. Pagare
571 - 574
   4. Effect of spacing on Camelina sativa: a new biofuel crop in India
       Anuja Kumari, Mohammed Mohsin, M. C. Arya, P. K. Joshi and Z. Ahmed  
575 - 577
   5. Impact of photoperiod on circadian carbohydrate and amylase rhythms in the digestive system
of silkworm,
Bombyx mori E. Bhuvaneswari and S. Sivaprasad
579 - 588
   6. Diversity of white grub beetles and their host range from Northern Wesetern Ghats, 
Kolhapur district (MS) India
G. P. Bhawane, A. B. Mamlayya S. R. Wagh and A. K. Chaugule
589 - 596
   7. Management of grain infecting fungi of sorghum through spray on earhead by chemical 
and non chemical means
S. Kotgire Ganesh S. T. Patel and V. Gitte Vijaykumar
597 - 599
   8. Tebuconazole: a new triazole fungicide molecule for the management of stem rot of 
groundnut caused by
Sclerotium rolfsii Gururaj Sunkad
601 - 603
   9. Population variation of endophytic actinomycete in soybean
Glycine max (L) Merril) Jitendra Dalal and Nikhilesh Kulkarni
605 - 607
  10. Studies on the UV-B radiation induced oxidative damage in thylakoid photofunctions and 
analysis of the role of antioxidant enzymes in maize primary leaves
K. Swarna, G. Bhanumathi and S. D. S. Murthy
609 - 610


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