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The Journal - Volume 8, Number - 3: 2013

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  21. Isolation and characterization of endophytic Bacillus spp. from pneumatophore of Avicennia alba
with biocontrol activity against Fusarium oxysporum
A. K. Muduli, S. B. Mohapatra and B. K. Das
851 - 855
  22. Comparison of functional properties of hemolymph protein from freshwater crab, barytelphusa cuniculars
with casein, egg albumin and bovine serum albumin
SidharthD. P. Pagare and E. R. Martin
857 - 860
  23. Estimation of losses due to pulse beetle in chickpea
N. R. Jat, B. S. Rana and S. K. Jat
861 - 863
  24. Photosynthetic and antioxidant activity of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) seeds germinatedon 
aqueous extracts of selected cyanobacterial species
Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Blessymole K. Alex and Eapen P. Koshy
865 - 869
  25. Combining ability analysis for yield and yield traits using ‘WA’ cytoplasm in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Vikas Sahu, S. K. Singh, Amita Sharma and Pradeep Kumar Bhati
871 - 874
  26. Evaluation of rhizospheric fungi from acid soils of Jharkhand on phosphate solubilization
S. K. Naik, S. Maurya, Ritesh Kumar, J. S. Choudhary, Bikash Das and S. Kumar
875 - 880
  27. Integration management of Alternaria blight of pigeonpea with some fungicides and antagonists  
        in pot condition
Laxman Prasad Balai and R. B. Singh
881 - 886
  28. Changes in instrumental and sensory characteristics of Tilapia fish steaks during cold blanching
and cooking treatments
K. Dhanpal, G. V. S. Reddy, B. B. Nayak, G. Venkateshwarlu, and A. Balasubramanian
887 - 892
  29. Pathological changes induced in mice due to experimental infection
of canine hookworm larvae C. H. Krishnabhanu and Viveka Vardhani
893 - 895
  30. Effect of different growing medias mixture on germination and seedlings growth of mango 
(Mangifera indica L.) cultivars under net house conditions J. S. Parasana, H. N. Leua and N. R. Ray
897 - 900


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