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The Journal - Volume 8, Number - 3: 2013

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  31. Effect of nanosilver and sucrose on post harvest quality of cut asiatic lilium cv. Tresor
S. Vinodh, M. Kannan and M. Jawaharlal
901 - 904
  32. Heterosis studies for yield and yield contributing traits in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
E. Lamalakshmi Devi, Swati, Prashant Goel, Mamta Singh and J. P. Jaiswal
905 - 909
  33. Effect of planting methods on performance of onion varieties under cold desert conditions
M. S. Kanwar and P. Ishfaq Akbar
911 - 913
  34. Genetic diversity analysis of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) using RAPD markers
J. V. Bahurupe, S. B. Sakhare, P. L. Kulwal, A. A. Akhare and B. D. Pawar
915 - 918
  35. Screening for sheath blight resistant genotypes among mutated population of rice cv. Pusa Basmati-1
Suresh Chand Meena, Vineeta Singh, Adhipathi, P. and Ramesh Chand
919 - 924
  36. Assessment of biochemical variations and splenomegaly during Falciparum malaria in mice model
M. Swajanya, K. Kalyan Kumar and K. Sunita
925 - 929
  37. Soil microbial population and selected enzyme activities as influenced by concentrate manure 
and inorganic fertilizer in alluvium soil of Varanasi
V. S. Meena, B. R. Maurya, R. Verma, R. S. Meena, G. K. Jatav, Sunita Kumari Meena,
R. Meena and S. K. Meena
931 - 935
  38. L-arginine mitigates heavy metal inhibited nitric oxide synthase activity in tissues of the albino rat
C. Ashok Kumar, K. M. Uday Kumar, K. Vijaya Kumari and M. Rajeswara Rao
937 - 939
  39. Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis for yield attributes in pigeonpea
        S. K. Saroj, M. N. Singh, Ravindra Kumar, Tejveer Singh and M. K. Singh
941 - 944
  40. Mass rearing of queen bees, Apis mellifera L. (Hym: Apidae) for bee colony development raised under 
the temperate conditions of Kashmir Sheikh Bilal Ahmad and Shahnawaz Ahmad Dar
945 - 948
  41. Virulence diversity of Rhizoctonia solani causing sheath blight disease in rice and
its host pathogen interaction Pasuvaraji Adhipathi, Vineeta Singh and Suresh Chand Meena
949 - 952
  42. Response of groundnut to LD slag amelioration in alfisols of Odisha
        Madhusmita Pradhan, Monalisa Rath, Santanu Mohanty, Mohit Mohan Behera and Sunanda Sahoo
953 - 957
  43. Multivariate analysis for yield and its component traits in maize (Zea mays L.) under high and low N levels
        Narendra Kumar, V. N. Joshi and M.C. Dagla
959 - 964
  44. Effect of phosphate solubilizers and fym on microbial population of soybean field [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]
        Suresh Meena and R. P. Ghasolia
965 - 967
  45. Molecular diversity analysis of flower colour variants of Butea monosperma (Lam.) Taub. 
using inter simple squence repeats Thamilarasi Kandasamy, Kanchan Kumari, Anees Kaprakkaden, Vibhav D. Lohot and J. Ghosh
969 - 974


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