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The Journal - Volume 9, Number - 1: 2014

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  31. Effect of chemicals and growth regulators on germination, vigour and growth of passion fruit
(Passiflora edulis Sims.)
N. Gurung, G. S. K. Swamy, S. K. Sarkar and N. B. Ubale
155 - 157
  32. Response of soil and foliar application of silicon and micro nutrients on leaf nutrient status of sapota
K. A. Lalithya, H. P. Bhagya, K. Bharathi and Kulapati Hipparagi
159 - 162
  33. Effect of nitrogen and zinc fertilizer on pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) under agri-horti system of 
eastern Uttar Pradesh
S. K. Prasad, M. K. Singh and Renu Singh
163 - 166
  34. Study of gonadosomatic index and fecundity of fish Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton)
V. R. Chavan and D. V. Muley
167 - 169
  35. Response of soil and foliar application of silicon and micro nutrients on soil nutrient availability 
of sapota
K. A. Lalithya, H. P. Bhagya, Amreen Taj, K. Bharati and Kulapati Hipparagi
171 - 174
  36. Evaluation of some fungicides, botanicals and essential oils against the fungus Colletotrichum falcatum
causing red rot of sugarcane
Nikhil Bhardwaj and R. K. Sahu
175 - 178
  37. Evaluation of bioagents for management of the onion purple blotch and bulb yield loss assessment
under field conditions
P. M. Yadav, K. B. Rakholiya and D. M. Pawar
179 - 181
  38. Bionomics and evaluation of different bio pesticides against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)
Hardwick infesting groundnut
H. A. Gadhiya, P. K. Borad and J. B. Bhut
183 - 187
  39. Management of vascular wilt of lentil through oils
Vijay Kumar, Ankita Garkoti and H. S. Tripathi
189 - 192
  40. Yield loss assessment and influence of temperature and relative humidity on charcoal rot 
development in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) P. Deepthi, C. S. Shukla, K. P. Verma and Siva Sankar Reddy E.
193 - 195
  41. Management of fusarium wilt of tomato by weeds and mycoflora processed weeds compost
        Vibha and Nidhi
197 - 202
  42. Studies on foliar application of growth regulators and chemicals on seedling growth of mango varieties
        B. M. Muralidhara, Y. T. N. Reddy, M. K. Shivaprasad, H. J. Akshitha and Kishor Kumar Mahanthi
203 - 205
  43. Diversity of orthopteran fauna in sugarcane at Udaipur
        Devendra Dhakad, Rajendra Nagar, Jhabar Mal, P. S. Rathore and R. Swaminathan
207 - 210
  44. Serum IGE level in mice infected with single doses of Ancylostoma caninum larvae
        V. Viveka Vardhani and G. Sakunthala
211 - 213
  45. Management of yellow rust (Pucciniastriiformis. West) of wheat and its impact on yield under
Jammu sub-tropics of India Rayees A. Ahanger, Vishal Gupta, Hilal A. Bhat and Nisar A. Dar
215 - 218
  B.  CONTENTS OF VOLUME 8 (Issue 1 to 4 and Supplement Issues)
219 - 233


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