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The Journal - Volume 9, Number - 4: 2014

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  1. Salinity induced respiratory alterations in eastuarine clam Paphia laterisulca at
Bhatye estuary, Ratnagiri coast, India
S. S. Taware and D. V. Muley
1361 - 1366
  2. Effect of different lateral, dripper spacing and dripper discharge rates on yield and 
WUE of onion grown on clay soils
J. M. Patel, V. R. Naik and R. B. Patel
1367 - 1370
 3. Effect of potassium application on growth and yield of wheat varieties
      Prakash Maurya, Vinay Kumar, K. K. Maurya, Narendra Kumawat, Rakesh Kumar and M. P. Yadav
1371 - 1373
 4. Insect-pest complex of Flemingia semilalta Roxb. - A bushy host for lac cultivation
      S. C. Meena, K. K. Sharma, A. Mohanasundaram, Sweta Verma and Md. Monobrullah 
1375 - 1381
  5. Effect of water stress on seed germination and seedling growth in six medicinal plant
species in Tarai region, Uttarakhand Chandra Kanta and P. B. Rao
1383 - 1388
  6. Growth, nodulation, physiological indices and yield of soybean as influenced
by sulphur and boron nutrition J. Layek, B. G. Shivakumar, D. S. Rana, B. Gangaiah, K.Lakshman and B. Parmanik
1389 - 1393
  7. Base line data for insecticide resistance monitoring in brinjal shoot and fruit borer,
Leucinodes orbinalis Guenee Jagdeep Kaur, B. K. Kang and Balwinder Singh
1395 - 1398
  8. Evaluation of mulberry germplasm based on leaf and yield parameters
      Shabir A. Wani, G. N. Malik, M. R. Mir, G. Parveez, Naina Majid and M. Ashraf Bhat
1399 - 1404
  9. Computation of insects biodiversity in bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) ecosystem
      Ardhendu Chakraborty, K. Kumar and N. Chitra
1405 - 1409
 10. Relative performance of rice-potato-green gram system in red and lateritic zone of 
West Bengal under organic,inorganic and integrated nutrient management Sourov Chatterjee, B. R. Sit, P. K. Saha, Debjani Ghosh and Ahijit Debnath
1411 - 1418




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