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The Journal - Volume 10, Number - 1: 2015

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  1. Effect of feeding proportionately mixed mulberry leaves on double hybrid silkworm
B. S. Rathod, P. K. Nalwandikar, S. S. Shetgar, C. G. Sawant and M. M. Sonkamble
01 - 04
  2. Effect of integrated phosphorus management on growth, yield attributes and yield of 
summer green gram (Vigna radiata L.)
D. K. Rathour, A. K. Gupta, R. R. Choudhary and A. C. Sadhu
05 - 07
 3. Ovarian development and reproductive cycle of Garra gotyla gotyla
      Jyoti Sharma, Sheetal Sharma and Krishan Raj Kant
09 - 15
 4. Effect of calcium and modified condition on the post harvest quality of tomato 
(Lycopersicon esculentum) Monika Sood, Julie D. Bandral and Jagmohan Singh
17 - 22
  5. Improvement of growth, yield and quality of garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. G-282
through novel approach Govind, S. Maji, R. Kumawat, A. Pal, S. Kumar and S. Saha
23 - 27
  6. Influence eco-friendly post harvest treatments on pulp chroma and HUE on
mango cv. Alphonso fruits Netravati, S. L. Jagadeesh, G. J. Suresh and G. S. K. Swamy
29 - 32
  7. Response of post-harvest treatments of chemical and plant growth regulators on
biochemical characteristics of sapota fruit cv. Kalipatti T. Tsomu, H. C. Patel, R. M. Thakkar, M. Ajang and R. P. Vasara
33 - 36
  8. Effect of chemical and biological seed treatments on germination performance
of GCH-7 hybrid castor (Ricinus communis L.) M. I. Jamadar and S. S. Chandrashekhar
37 - 41
  9. Partial characterization of midgut enzymes in butterfly Papilio polytes polytes L.
(Lepidoptera:Papilionidae) S. M. Gaikwad and G. P. Bhawane
43 - 53
 10. ISSR marker based DNA fingerprinting in released varieties and selected superior somaclones
of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Pujaita Ghosh, M. R. Shylaja and P. A. Nazeem
55 - 61




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