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The Journal - Volume 10, Number - 4: 2015

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 11. Reckoning of spider biodiversity in bhendi [Abelmoschus
esculentus L. (Moench)] ecosystem
Ardhendu Chakraborty, K. Kumar and Tridip Bhattacharjee
1493 - 1497
 12. Soil enzyme activity, soil microbial communities, microbial biomass carbon 
changes and seed cotton yield under different nutrient management practices in Bt cotton
M. Ranjith, S. Sridevi, M. Venkata Ramana and P. Chandrasekhar Rao
1499 - 1504
 13. Effect of bistimulant (Novobac) on root characters of chilli
(Capsicum annuum L.)
S. Jidhu Vaishnavi, P. Jeyakumar and C. N. Chandrasekhar
1505 - 1508
 14. Effect of growth retardants on the vegetative growth, flowering
and yield of heliconia (Heliconia psittacorum) var. red torch
under 50 per cent shade net condition
Sheetalben K. Jadhav, S. L. Chawla, Roshni Agnihotri and
R. A. Gurjar
1509 - 1513
 15. Variability Analysis and multivariate analysis in bread wheat 
(Triticum aestivum L.) Siddhi Shah, D.R.Mehta and Lata Raval
1515 - 1519
 16. Diversity study of predaceous insect fauna in major kharif crop
agro-ecosystem in Akola, Maharashtra (India)
Bhausaheb Naikwadi, S. M. Dadmal and Samadhan Javalage
1521 - 1524
 17. Taxonomic studies on cultural and morphological characters for
re-evaluation in Helminthosphorium species complex
Priti Sonavane, T. Prameela Devi and J. Raju
1525 - 1530
 18. Assessment of protein, glycogen and activity of phosphotases of
Labeo rohita in response to physico-chemical parameters of lakes
of Bangalore
Bela Zutshi, Nazima Noor and G. Sreekala
1531 - 1537
 19. Biochemical changes in the profile of carbohydrate, protein and
triglycerides in the blood of Clariasba trachus due to sublethal
treatment with insecticide rogor
Nandani Sharan, Rita Gupta and Prakriti Verma
1539 - 1542
 20.  Optimization of irrigation scheduling on the basic of IW/CPE
ratios for wheat
Rajanee Salunkhe, M. M. Deshmukh and S. B. Wadatkar
1543 - 1547




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