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The Journal - Volume 10, Number - 4: 2015

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 21. Distribution of potassiuim fractions in different land use systems
in some soil series of West Bengal
Sanatan Behera, A. Krishna Chaitanya, S. K. Ghosh and
P. K. Patra
1549 - 1553
 22. Effect of Bt (CRY1AC) and BGII (CRY1AC + CRY2AB) cotton hybrids
on consumption-utilization indices of Earias vittella (Fabricius)
Vadde Anoosha, Ram Singh and Sumit Saini
1555 - 1559
 23. Seasonal incidence of anar butterfly and it’s correlation with
weather parameters
Sajad Mohi-ud-Din, Wani, N. A., M. Jamal Ahmad, Mir, G.
M. and Sofi, M. A
1561 - 1565
 24. Callus induction and establishment of suspension culture from
Withania somnifera: The Indian ginseng
P. I. Bhoyar, M. P. Suryawanshi and V. Krishnasamy
1567 - 1571
 25. Assessment of pollen viability and floral biology in sweet orange
(Citrus sinensis Obseck) cultivars under subtropical conditions
of Punjab
A. K. Baswal, H. S. Rattanpal, Gurupkar Singh Sidhu
1573 - 1576
 26. Enumeration of microbial population from rice fields and their
dehydrogenase activities in two cropping seasons in Eastern India
Mahasweta Das, Prakash Kumar Sarangi and
Nagangkham Joykumar Singh
1577 - 1579
  27. Effect of inclusion of corn germ meal in diets of colored (Raja-II)
broilers with phytase enzyme supplementation
R. K. Sowjanya Lakshmi, R. G. Gloridoss, K. Chandrapal Singh
and H. N. N. Murthy
1581 - 1584
  28. Effect of salicylic acid treatments on heat tolerance, catalase and
polyphenol oxidase enzyme activity in chickpea cv. ICCV 10
S. Gayatridevi, S. K. Jayalakshmi and K. Sreeramulu
1585 - 1589
  29. Food preference of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) to six types of
grains of fabaceae
Sunita P. Zanke, Shital C. Lolge and Sureshchandra Zambare
1591 - 1594
  30. Estimation of damage levels of leaf defoliator Catopsilia pyranthe,
in Indian Senna Cassia angustifolia Vahl.
Thania Sara Varghese
1595 - 1597




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