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The Journal - Special Issue, Volume - 1: 2010 (ICEED-2010)

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 01. Evironment, energy and development from Stockholm to Copenhagen and beyond the celebrations
       Madhab Chandra Dash. full paper
001 - 011
 02. Comparative carbon footprint study for alternative wastewater treatment technologies.
       Debashish Raha and P.C.Mishra. full paper
013 - 023
 03. An overview of adoption of energy efficiant technologies in Indian urbon household.
      S. Somasheker and N. Nagesha. full paper
025 - 034
 04. Groundwater quality assessment of Banki subdivision, Cuttuck Distraict, Orissa.
       Rosalin Das, M. Das, A.A. Pradhan and S. Goswami. full paper
035 - 042
 05. Water resources evaluation through water accounting:a means to achieve sustainable development
       Moushumi Hazara and K. Avishek full paper
043 - 050
 06. In situ survival of indicator bacteria and enteric pathogens in a tropical estuary.
       Abhirosh Chandran, Rinoy Verghese, Jyothi S. and A.A.M. Hatha. full paper
051- 056
 07. Composition of microorganisms in deteriorattion of stone structures of monuments.
       Anisa B.Khan, and G. Kulathuran. full paper
057 - 067
 08. In vitro antimalarial activity of c-phycocyanin from nostoc muscorum.
       Pranay P.Pankaj, N.Mallick, S. Biswas and M.C. Verma. full paper
069 - 078
 09. Assessment of impact of Parthenium hysterophorus (L) on soil bacterial population.
       Prinyanka Saha, Sitara Jabeen, Suruchi Kumari, Neha Yadav, Sarita Kumari, 
       Bharati Singh and M.P. Sinha.  full paper
079 - 088
 10. Evalution of antibacterial potential of steam bark of Moringa oleifera Lam.
        Renu Sarin, Manvi Malwal and Sapna Bansal. full paper
089 - 094
 11. Ecobiological and bioinformatic study of soil bacterium from agroecosystem.
       Suruchi Kumari, Neha Yadav, Sarita Kumari, Priyanka Saha, Sitara Jabeen,
       B.S.Raipat and M.P.Sinha.full paper
095 - 104
 12. Indentification and characterization of dominant in bacterial in coal fly ash amened soil.
       Sitara Jabeen, Suruchi Kumari, Prinyaka Saha, Neha Yadav, Sarita Kumari,
       Bharati  S.Rajpat and M. P.Sinha full paper
105 - 114
 13. Biodiversity of aphidophagous Coccinellids and their role as bioindicators in agro-forest-ecosystem.
       O. Hemachandra, J. Kalita and T.K. Singh full paper
115 - 122
 14. Diversity, distribution and conservation priorities for pteriodophytic flora of 
        Ranchi and Latehar District of Jharkhand, India.
        Malay Bharati & Ram Praves. full paper
123 - 133
 15. Sustainable development and bamboo cultivation for combating climate change in the Indian.
       Amit Kumar and Srikanti Kumari  full paper
135 - 140


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