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The Journal - Special Issue, Volume - 1: 2010

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

  16. Standardisation of an ecofriendly and low cost technique for production of biofertilizers from
        wate water for  sustainable environment.
        Vijay Tartte and Chandra Mouli Kall. full paper
141 - 150
  17. Application of bioinformatic in green energy technology:Jatropha curcas accase 
        enzyme as case study.
        Raghunath Sathpathy, Susant Kumar Padhi and Lopa Pathanaik. full paper
151 - 157
  18. Structural diversity and functional dynamism of traditional home garden of north-east India.
        U. K. Sahu, P.Rocky, K. Vanlalhriapuia and K. Upadhyay. full paper
159 - 171
  19. Fish diversity of Ujani wetland, Maharashtra, India.
        J.P. Sarwade and Y. K. Khillare. full paper
173 - 179
  20. Compartive studies on rearing performance of some ecoraces of eri silkworm 
        (Philosamia ricini H.) in defferent seasons.        
        Priti Pragyan Ray, T.V. Rao, and Purusottam Dash full paper
181 - 186
  21. Tropical tasar - utilization and conservation of natural resources for tribal development.
        N. K. Bhatia, M.M. Bhat and M. A. Khan full paper
187 - 198
  22. Global warming and its impact on the productivity of muga silkworm (Antheraea assamensis Helfer).
       T. Zamal, B. Sarmah. O. Hemchandra and J. Kalita. full paper
199 - 209
  23. Nutrients and exoenzymes in vermicompost of eri and tasar culture waste.
       Mamata Pandey, T.V. Rao and S.K. Satapathy. full paper
211 - 216
  24. Sericulture and environment are complementary: plantation of improved mulberry genotypes
        at defferent altitudes of Himachal Pradesh, India 
        Rajat Mohan, Ranjan Tewary, Anil Dhar Sardar Singh, M.M. Bhat and M.A. Khan full paper
217 - 224
  25. Electrophoretic studies on the major carapace protiens in Sartoriana spinigera, 
        freshwater crab (Wood Mason, 1871)
        S.Paul, P. Nayan, R.N. Prasad, S.E. Besra and S. Besra. full paper
225 - 230
  26.  Comperative and study of soil CO2 flux between an afforested coalmine overburden 
         dump and natural soil.
         Subodh Kumar Maiti and Sangeeta Mukhopadhay .full paper
231 - 238
  27. Effect of organophosphorus insecticide oil bacterial.
       Nazia Sultan, Bharati  S.Rajpat and M. P.Sinha full paper
239 - 246
  28. Effect of Piper nigrum and Cinnamomum tamala on biochemical changes in the nervous
        tissue of freshwater snail Lymnea acuminata.
        Priya Srivastva, P. Kumar, V.K. Singh and D. K. Singh full paper
247 - 256
  29. Major insect pests of Oxylocarpus granatum Koen., a critically endangered mangrove
        species of Maharastra - India.
        S. B. Jugale, G. P. Bhawane and L. J. Bhosle full paper
257 - 268
  30. The study of the impact of flood in the wetlands of Assam, North eastern region of India.
        Sultana Hazarika  full paper
269 - 281


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