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The Journal - Special Issue, Volume - 2: 2010 (ICEED-2010)

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 01. Cabon cost for safe water supply through advanced treatment of river water to a countory town.
       Debashish Raha and P.C. Mishra. full paper
283 - 293
 02. Environmental degradation due to exploitation of mineral resources: a scenario of Orissa.
       Shreerup Gowswami, Madhumita Das and B. C. Guru full paper
295 - 304
 03. Desorption and stablity studies  on As (V) loaded ferric hydroxide.
      P.Rout, S. Anand and R. P. Das full paper
305 - 312
 04. Toxicokinetics and bioaccumulation of copper and lead in Chironmus sp. (Diptera: 
         Chironomidae) at different tempreture under laboratory condition.
       Ahijit Dutta, Sweety Kumari, Anjanli Smita and Sunita Dutta . full paper
313 - 321
 05. Effect of Chemotherapeutic drug Oxalipatin on accessory reproductive gland in rat.
       M.S. Sastry, M. Motghare and V. Gotmare  full paper
323 - 334
 06. Lead induced alteration in blood profile of air breathing catfish Clarias batracus Linn .
       Shamshun Nehar, Chandan Kumar, Kavita Mishra and Mamta Kumari full paper
335 - 341
 07. Accute ammonia stress on certain metabolic aspects of brain tissue of cockroach 
      Periplanata american (L).
      S.Kishore, S.V. Ravikanth and P. Neeraja full paper
343 - 347
 08. Ecology and haematology of freshwater scrab, Satoriana spinigera, Wood Mason (1871)
       with special reference to haemocytes classification and its defferential count.
       P. Nayan, R.N. Prasad, S. Paul and Sushasini Besra full paper
349 - 356
 09. Effect of metholic extract of Parthenium hysterophorus L. on haematological parameters 
       in wistar albino rats.
       Neha Yadav, Priyanka Saha, Sushma Kumari, Sarita Kumari, Sitara Jabeen, 
       Suruchi Kumari, Bharati Singh Raipat and M.P. Sinha full paper
357 - 363
 10. Acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in the tissue of Labeo rohita from freshwater
      lakes of Banglore.
      G. Sreekala and Bela Zutshi full paper
365 - 372
 11. Biomass dynamics of the marcophytic plant species of Kharungpat Lake, Manipur, India.
       K.K.Singh and B.M. Sharma and Khuraijan Usha full paper
373 - 382
 12. Ambient air quality Igcar campus, Kalpakkam.
       K.Muthukaruppan, M.Sowmya, M.V.R. Prasad and K.K. Satpathy  full paper
383 - 389
 13. Nutritive values of two indigenous cobitid fishes Botia berdmorei and Lepidocephalus
       guntea, Manipur.
       Ch. Sarojnalini full paper
391 - 396
 14.  Regeneration of potentiality of Perionyx sancibaricus in contex of orientation.
        Tanuja Kumari, K. Pandey, A.K. Choudhary and M.P. Sinha full paper
397 - 402
 15. Synthesis and characterization of Olyurethane Nanocomposites for biomedical applications.
       Swagatika Mishra, P.L. Nayak, B.C. Guru and P.K. Nanda full paper
403 - 412


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