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The Journal - Special Issue, Volume - 2: 2010 (ICEED-2010)

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 16. Alagae as an indicator of river water pollution - a review. 
       S. Lata Dora, S.K. Maiti, R.K. Tiwary and Anshumali full paper
413 - 422
 17. In-vitro propagation and callus formation from seedling of Terminalia arjuna roxb.
       Chandan Kumar, Ajit Kumar Singh and Shamshun Nehar full paper
423 - 429
 18. Judicial interprelation on industrialisation and sustainable development.
       K. C. Jena  full paper
431 - 440
 19. Studies on the effect of different food plants on development of brinjal shoot and fruit 
       border Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee.
       Anju Shukla and S. N. Khatri   full paper
441 - 450
 20. Tree sedling divesity in the protected natural forest of Gandhamardan Hill ranges
       Abanikanta Bhadra and Nobin Kumar Dhal full paper
451 - 459
 21. Ecology of Pulicat Lake and conservation strategies.
        N.V.Nanda Kumar, A. Nagarjuna and D.C. Reddy  full paper
461 - 478
 22. Dust disperation modeling in opencast coal mines and control of dispersion in Mahanandi
       Coalfiels of Orissa, India.
       P.C. Mishra and Shambhu Jha   full paper
479 - 500
 23. Effect of aluminum and cadmium on seed germination rate, plant growth and chlorophyll
       content in finger millet (Eleusin coracana).
       S.Hemlatha, E.Anjaneyulu and M. Balaji  full paper
501 - 507
 24. Cr (VI) adsorption - mechanistic approach for biosorption from aqueous solutions.
        Biswajit Singha and Sudip Kumar Das   full paper
509 - 514
 25. Edible insects and its conservation strategy in Karbi Anglong district of Assam, North East India. 
       Ronjit Ronghang and Rezina Ahmed   full paper
515 - 521
 26. Affect of temperature on age-specific fecundity of the ladybird beetle Micraspis discoulor (Fabricius)
      O. Hemchandra, B. Samrah, T. Zamal, A. Premila and J. Kalita   full paper
523 - 528
 27. Effect of effluent water downstream to the Nagaon paper mill, Assam on ovarial
       follicular population of immature female C3H mice.
       A. Haque, J.C. Kalita, D.D. Deka and D.K.Baruah   full paper
529 - 535
 28. Biosorption of pb(II) - kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamic study.
       Biswajit Singha, and Sudip Kumar Das   full paper
537 - 545
 29. Aeromycological study of store houses of onion and ginger in Guwahati.
       Juri Devi, Sadhana Medhi and T.C. Sarma   full paper
547 - 552
 30. Phytoplankton abundance and diversity in the coastal water of Kalpakkam,
       East Coast of India in relation to the environmental variables.
       M.Smita Achary, Gouri Sahu, A.K. Mohanty, M.K. Samatara, S.N. Panigrahy,
       M.Selvanyagam, K.K. Satpathy, M.V.R. Prasad and R.C. Panigrahy  full paper
553 - 568
 31. Seasonal variations in occurrence of phytoplankton and primary productivity of some
       selected lakes in Maharashtra .
       Leela J. Bhosle, Surekha N. Dhumal and Anjali B. Sabale   full paper
569 - 478
 32. Studies on macrobenthic community of paddy field of rural Chapra.
       N.K. Ojha, Navin Kumar, M.K.Pandey and R.N. Yadav   full paper
579 - 585
 33. Studies on the role of aerobic soil bacterial in arsenic transformation and mobilization.
       Satabdi Banerjee and S.C.Santra   full paper
587 - 594


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