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The Journal - Special Issue, Volume - 3: 2010 (ICEED-2010)

Contents of Research Paper

Page No.

 01.  A report on International Conference on Energy, Environment and Development (from Stockholm
       to Copenhagen and beyond) 10-12 December, 2010; ICEED 2010. full paper
595 - 602
 02.  Dust collection potential and air pollution tolerance index of tree vegetation around Vedanta 
        Aluminimum Limited, Jharsuguda 
       B.K. Thakar and P.C. Mishra full paper
603 - 612
 03.  Wild edible mushrooms used by some ethnic tribes of Western Assam
        T.C. Sarma, I. Sharma and B.N.Patiri full paper 
613 - 625
 04.  Conservation genetics, combination of molecular biology and ecology; tropical Tasar silkworm as
        an example
        P.K. Kar, A.K.Srivastava, M.K. Sinha, A.K.Sinha and B.C.Prasad full paper
627 - 634
 05.  Toxic effect of selected pesticides on an endemic loach(Lepidocephalichthys irrorata (fam.
        W.Vidyarani, H.Sunita and S.Sanayaima full paper
635 - 641
 06.  Macronutrient availability and microbial population dynamics of soils under organic and 
        conventional farming of legume crop
        Debasmita Chhotaray, P.K. Mohapatra and C.S.K. Mishra full paper
643 - 650
 07.  Toxic effect of hexavalent chromium on composting of segregated organic wastes
        S.U.Patki, S.P.M.Prince William, S.Y.Bodkhe and A.N.Vaidya full paper
651 - 658
 08.  Recovery from ammonia stress in fry and fingerling at Cyprinus carpio for total carbohydrates
        Vijaya Reddy and Neeraja full paper
659 - 664
 09.  Evaluation of water quality in the vicinity of some saltpans, Vishakapatnam district, 
        Andhra Pradesh
        Y.Avasn.Maruthi, S.Ramakrishna Rao, D.Apta Chaitanya, Kaizar Hossain, R.Santhosh Kumar, 
        M.Sitaratnam, R.Tulasi Rao full paper
665 - 672
 10.  Seasonal distribution of aero algal allergens in the wetlands of Kanpur
        Siddhartha Dubey, Akansha Dixit and M.V. Boswal full paper
673 - 680
 11.  Protective efficacy of L-ascorbic acid against the toxicity of Mercury in Labeo rohita(Hamilton)
        M.R. Mahananda, N.R. Behera and B.P. Mohanty full paper
681 - 690
 12.  Effectiveness of almix in controlling aquatic weeds and fish growth and its consequent influence 
        on water and sediment quality of a pond
        Palas Samanta, Tarakeshwar Senapati, A.Aloke Mukherjee, Subinoy Mondal, Smaranya Haque and 
        Apurba Ratan Ghosh full paper
691 - 700


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